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Welcome to MAS


The Margaret Atwood Society is an international association of scholars, teachers, and students who share an interest in Atwood’s work. The main goal of the Society is to promote scholarly exchange of Atwood’s works and cultural contributions by providing opportunities for scholars to exchange information–we do this by connecting scholars, organizing Atwood related panels at conferences, giving annual awards for Atwood scholarship, and publishing our journal, Margaret Atwood Studies, which includes a yearly bibliography of work by and about Atwood. To let us know about current Atwood-scholarship-related news or events, please email us the appropriate information. We will include your news on this site and/or our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We welcome your friendship and comments on Facebook and Twitter, whether or not you join the Society.

If you’d like to join the society, please see the Membership page. Access to the journal is limited to members.

Note:  For contact information for Margaret Atwood, see the contact listings on her official website. (You might also have luck @ replying her on Twitter). We do not forward messages or materials to Ms. Atwood.

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