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Margaret Atwood Society, an international association of scholars, teachers, and students who share an interest in Atwood’s work, invites you to become a member. The main goal of the Society is to promote scholarly exchange of the writer’s work by providing opportunities for scholars to exchange information. The Society is an official affiliate of the Modern Language Association and meets annually in conjunction with the MLA Convention. The Society sponsors sessions each year at the MLA Convention, as well as panels at other scholarly conferences (like ACCUTE and regional MLA meetings).

Margaret Atwood Studies

For scholars, one of the most exciting benefits of membership is access to scholarly exchange through the Society e-journal available to all members, Margaret Atwood Studies, a refereed publication. The Society currently publishes an annual edition, although we can return to a bi-annual publication if we receive more pieces of scholarship. Our journal includes a comprehensive annotated bibliography of the preceding year’s publications by and about Atwood. Margaret Atwood Society Awards are named each year (please see the awards page for specific categories). The winning graduate student essay is published in Margaret Atwood Studies, along with abstracts of winners in other categories. Nominations are invited in all categories and may be sent directly to the appropriate judge. Peruse other pages of the Society website, which provide information such as calls for papers for the Society’s sessions at the MLA Convention, procedures for nominating work for the annual awards, and a link to Atwood’s own website (as well as to other online resources).

Membership is for the year beginning at time of sign-up (you will receive a renewal notice prior to expiration); annual dues are $15 (checks are accepted from American banks) or international money order in U.S. funds made out to Margaret Atwood Society. To join by mail, please fill out the online information form available at the membership options page. We look forward to your participation in the Society and hope to see you at the annual business meeting.

Please note that we need your current email address to process your membership, as the journal is electronic. We will not share your information with third parties. We typically email you twice a year, with a dues reminder and with information on how to access the journal.


Library subscriptions to Margaret Atwood Studies are available through EBSCO and other information services but can also be purchased via this site. Annual library subscription is $40. Please fill out the Margaret Atwood Studies subscription form.

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La Société Margaret Atwood, une association internationale de chercheurs, d’enseignants et d’étudiants qui s’intéressent aux oeuvres de M. Atwood, vous invite à la rejoindre. Le but de l’association est de promouvoir la recherche sur les oeuvres de l’écrivain en favorisant l’échange d’informations. La société est affiliée à la MLA (Modern Language Association) et organise une rencontre annuelle dans le cadre du Congrès MLA. Elle organise des ateliers à ce Congrès, ainsi qu’à d’autres colloques scientifiques.

La revue de la société, Margaret Atwood Studies, publiée deux fois par an, comprend une bibliographie complète et annotée des publications de l’année par et sur l’auteur. Le comité de lecture du Margaret Atwood Studies accepte des articles courts. Vous pouvez bénéficier de notre site Web, qui, entre autres, annonce des appels à communications pour nos ateliers du Congrès MLA, fournit des informations, rappelle les modes de nomination aux Prix annuels, et comporte un lien avec le site Web de l’écrivain. En effet, des Prix de la Société Margaret Atwood sont accordés tous les ans pour « Le Meilleur livre sur Atwood et son oeuvre », « Le Meilleur article publié dans une revue scientifique ou dans une anthologie », «Le Meilleur essai ou thèse » par un étudiant de 2nd et de 3ème cycle (ce dernier est publié dans le Bulletin, accompagné des résumés des gagnants des autres catégories). La cotisation de 20$ (US) pour une adhésion à la société pour un an, peut être envoyée par virement bancaire ou mandat international à Denise Du Vernay [daduvernay@gmail.com], Margaret Atwood Society, 3700 103rd. St., Chicago, IL 60655, U.S.A.