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The Year of the Flood buzz

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  1. OMG! Atwood has done it again. I finished The Flood about 1 hour ago and she has left me wanting more. I have such a hard time finding a follow up book after Atwood. She is life changing as an author and I only hope there will be a continued story.

  2. I came to Ms. Atwood in the early 1980’s with LADY ORACLE, followed by CAT’S EYE and A HANDMAID’S TALE. She quickly became one of my favorite writers and I have delighted time and again as I moved through her ouvre. I just retired, after 35 years as an English teacher, and HANDMAID was always on my summer reading list!

    I read ORYX AND CRAKE about four years ago, and found it hauntingly memorable. Picked up THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD from the library on Thursday afternoon, not realizing that it is a companion to ORYX. I just finished it (only because I did not want the experience to end, and tried to find ways to put off completing the story!), and immediately went to my computer to try to find a way to thank Ms. Atwood.

    THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD is one of the most powerful and emotionally moving novels I have ever read, and I’ve been a hard-core reader for nearly fifty years: the best thing since I finished THE STORY OF EDGAR SAWTELLE, and that was a milestone for me.
    FLOOD features the crisp, no-nonsense voice and ironic, unflinching humor we expect, as well as a wealth of fully fleshed (pardon), dynamic, and authentic characters. Will we ever forget Toby and Ren, and don’t we long to know more about Adam One? Her choices in narrative point of view, punctuated with Adam One’s “sermons” are genius. FLOOD also offers page after page of poignant and achingly lovely and loving description of the natural world we take so for granted.

    This inventive, all-too-plausible novel would be at the top of my my most highly recommended list at any time. But, today, with daily views of pelicans and dolphins drowning in oil and muck from the oil spill that is killing the Gulf of Mexico (that Ms. Atwood predicts), THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD is a must read.

    Dear, dear Ms. Atwood,


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