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Volume 13 (2019)

Margaret Atwood Studies

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Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor  
      Karma Waltonen
Editorial Board for Volume 13

 Peer-Reviewed Article

“Torching the Dusties”: Margaret Atwood’s Cautionary Parable on Ageism and Economics
       Sabrina Reed

 Award-Winning Articles

Mean Girls: Socialized Gender Construction and (Pre)Adolescent Interfemale Aggression in Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye
       Christine Briggs  
“Slightly Acid on the Tongue”: Food and Subversiveness in The Handmaid’s Tale
       Michael J. Sousa Oliveira  
Wendigone but Not Forgotten
       Margaret Fruehwrith


Annual Atwood Bibliography 2018 
       Ashley Thomson, Shoshannah Ganz


The Newsletter of the Margaret Atwood Society for 2018 

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