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Volume 11 Table of Contents

Vol 11 (2017)

Cover of Volume 11 of Margaret Atwood Studies

Margaret Atwood Studies Journal:  Atwood and Aging

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors  
Karma Waltonen (Editor) and Lauren Rule Maxwell (Co-Editor)

Editorial Board for Volume 11  


Motherhood as Boundaries of Life in The Handmaid’s Tale and The Fifth Child  
    Seohyon Jung

“Pay-Up Time”: (Un)Balanced Accounts in Margaret Atwood’s Stone Mattress  
Emily Bruey

Margaret Atwood’s Tempests: Critiques of Shakespearean Essentialism in Bodily Harm and Hag-Seed  
Phillip Smith

After the Fall:  Humanity Narrated in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy.  
    Madison Gretzky

Annual Atwood Bibliography 2016 
Ashley Thomson, Shoshannah Ganz

The Newsletter of the Margaret Atwood Society for 2017 

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