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Volume 9 Table of Contents

Vol 9 (2015)

Margaret Atwood Studies Journal

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor
     Karma Waltonen

Editorial Board

Editorial Board


Knowledge and Secrecy in Alias Grace
     Abbie Lahmers
The winning undergraduate essay in the 2014 contest.
Archival Embodiment in The Handmaid’s Tale
     Joseph Hurtgen
Abstract: Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale stresses how the archive has been used by Western patriarchy to force women to embody a servant role, existing only to satisfy male desire. Such a vision is not inclusive of the perspectives and voices of women. The archive, as I discuss it, consists of culturally produced ideas replicated across populations that inform social interaction. Archival embodiment occurs when these culturally produced ideas are written on the body. Archival embodiment occurs away from the vault and its associated records. As a result of archival embodiment, the archival record imposes the principles and narratives of controlling nodes of power on individuals.

Annotated Bibliography

Annual Atwood Bibliography 2014
     Ashley Thomson, Shoshannah Ganz

Newsletter of the Margaret Atwood Society

Newsletter of the Margaret Atwood Society
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